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16 August 2006 @ 10:47 pm

Search in a baby names website, such as Baby Names.com, or a site specificially designed for last names, such as Last Names.com.
Try not to pick anything extremely outrageous. Common names are usually the best! But if you do pick an odd name, counter it with a common name (ex.Sitara Robertson).


Consult Wikipedia's List of Legendary Creatures. Just remember, the more difficult or fantasical a creature is, the harder it will be to play.

Home World:

A good idea would be to use a sci-fi planet, such as one mentioned in Star Trek.


Just tell his/her relatives and a smidge about his/her relationship to them. If deceased, state so.


Explain, in detail, your character's history from his/her childhood to where he/she is now.


How does he/she look? Feel free to explain EVERYTHING about his/her appearance, such as hair color, eye color, height, body structure, scars, anything like that!


What is he/she like? Fiesty? Shy? Mischievious? Book-smart? Clever? Slightly ditzy? Make sure your character has a lot of each! Try to keep the pros and cons of your character equal!


Which way does your character swing? Is he/she straight, bisexual, or gay?

Special Abilities/Powers:

Can your character do something extraordinary, something that the other characters probably wouldn't be able to do? Make sure you keep these to an extreme minimum.


Who are you going to use to portray your character on icons? For any icon help, please contact the Moderators or visit the Help forum.

Character Journal:

You'll want to give it a name fitting your character. Such as, if you have a spy, use aspects of sneakiness. Slyfox, would be good. Register this name with Livejournal.


Send this to lostprincessofmelikar@hotmail.com

Sample Journal Entry:

Write like your character is writing in his/her journal.

Sample RP:

Consult the Sample Application for help.

And for further help, consult the Sample Application or private message the admin or e-mail lostprincessofmelikar@hotmail.com. Also feel free to ask on the Questions and Comments part of our board.