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08 August 2006 @ 05:47 pm
Name: Joselyn

Personal Journal: http://www.joselynssheart.livejournal.com

E-mail Address(es): orlabossa@hotmail.com, sugar_sweet_basketball_princess@yahoo.com

Age: 18

Time Zone: Central

RP Experience (Yes or No): Yes

Other RPGs you’re in: Summer of ’97 - Link

Who do you play? Pansy Parkinson

How much time can you devote to this RPG? A hell of a lot

AOL Messenger: Joshtin Princess

Yahoo! Messenger: orlabossa

MSN Messenger: orlabossa@hotmail.com

Your Character
Full Name: Gabrielle Ravensbones

Nicknames: Ella and Gabby.

Age: 21

Species: Part mermaid, part human.

Home World: Clemtar

Family: Deceased

History (Background, childhood, and present day): Born in a slum in London, Gabrielle’s father left her family when she was only two years old. Her brother, who was 15 at the time, left home to provide for her and their mother. Gabrielle’s mother died when she was 13 and she lived in various foster homes, wreaking havoc in each of them. Her brother continued to send her monetary support during her schooling and even helped her find a flat after she graduated. Despite her brother’s help, she worked various jobs there in order to support herself, training to become a Healer. Her brother soon became corrupted and was taken in as a follower of a deadly cult. After her graduation, she joined, too. She worked for the cult until her brother was killed and she soon went into hiding. The cult members searched for her for years and cornered her, just as a mysterious port hole popped up…

Appearance: At 5’9”, Gabrielle is an intimidating figure. She’s a bit larger than most women, voluptuous and buxom, but fit from her almost obsession with exercise. She has thick, unruly dark brown hair that falls upon her shoulders in soft curls. She has piercing, narrow coal black eyes and solemn features. She’s extremely pale, unfashionably so, despite the many hours she spends outside. On her cheek is a spot that looks like smudged mud and a small red birthmark on her left breast. Throughout her body, various scars lay imprinted in her skin, dark offsetting the light. Her most distinguishing feature, or so she would say, is the cult insignia imprinted on her left arm.

Personality: Gabrielle has always had a certain something. Everywhere she goes, she is followed; every command she issues is obeyed. She’s extremely forceful and doesn’t mind getting a little rough with someone. She’s known amongst the others as a bully, but really, that just isn’t true. She keeps to herself when it comes to the others, only lashing out when she is attacked. She is particularly good at manipulating people, using whatever means she can to get what she wants. Despite what is said about her, Gabrielle is intelligent, and learns on her feet.

Sexuality: Gabrielle, like many her age, is undecided about her sexuality. She has been both attracted to males and females, but has only followed through with her male interests. Maybe soon we will see if her curiosities are hormonal or something else.

Special Abilities/Powers: Street smarts, a smidge of magic, and is very good with a sword.

PB (The person you’re going to use in your icons): Emily Browning

Character Journal (remember to pick a name that suits your character): http://www.dangerousella.livejournal.com

Password: bob1

Sample Journal Entry: (50-150 words. Remember, this is your character writing in his or her journal.)
Great. Just great. Where the hell is this place? My locator is officially dead. According to it I’m in an uncharted world. How idiotic is that? Uncharted? Yeah, right. Next thing you’re going to tell me is that it’s a frickin’ desert island.

Why do I hear the ocean?

Great. Just great.


Sample RP: (100-500 words. Third person, past tense.)

I glanced around me. Some random bar, some random city. Only a few days, a few more days and I’d be there. I tucked my coat tightly around me, trying to ignore the way the cold night air seems to seep into my skin.

I reached forward, grabbing for a menu. I heard a gasp come from the next table. I whipped my head towards the now paling young woman and then at my arm. I quickly pulled my jacket sleeve over my left arm, mentally cursing my foolishness. Within seconds my knife is gripped in my hand and the woman’s slumped over on the floor.

I sighed softly, waiting for the waitress.

Anything else you’d like to add: Not really, thanks.