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The Lost Princess of Melikar

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Welcome to "The Lost Princess of Melikar", a mystery/fantasy RPG.


In a universe of many different worlds, there is one that is on no maps.

Strangers, men and women who have never met in this lifetime or any other, are pulled through a mysterious swirling vortex and find themselves trapped in a deserted land with many secrets. As they search for a way back to their homes, they plunge right into the heart of Melikar, an empty island world. What they uncover is a mystery for the ages and an adventure of a lifetime. Join these brave explorers on their journey filled with murder, deception, magic, and mystery as they hunt for a way home and for the Lost Princess of Melikar.



Name: Joselyn
Journal: Civilized Insanity
MSN: orlabossa@hotmail.com
Yahoo: orlabossa
E-Mail: orlabossa@hotmail.com


 Sawyer Carrington - tastelikesawyer
(RPed by joselynsheart)


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